How to get free email database?

Use Facebook advertisement

The affordable and cost-effective way to grow a list of leads for email marketing is through Facebook ads. By using direct targeted Facebook ads to capture leads Names and their Email address.

The user base for Facebook is at an all-time high, and the age range of its users is ideal for most businesses these days.

The user base ages 28 to 50 Years has seen massive growth while the age group

Whether you are an individual, SME, or a large corporation, Facebook is an amazingly powerful way to capture new leads.

With even a modest budget you capture dozens of new leads every day.

You can target them very specifically based on their age, geographic location, behaviors, and even their online purchase history too.

Newsletter sign up throughout your website

Many website owners collect email addresses through newsletter sign-ups. They usually offer an e-book, etc., or ask to join the newsletter via the pop-up on their blog pages or to get any future updates.

The location I get the most sign-ups from is a pop up on my blog but visitors can also sign up if they select a box on any form.

Putting it in front of visitors is the best way you can do it, so any opportunity you have, put an option to sign up in front of visitors.

With the help of WordPress websites and their plugins, you can collect a significant amount of leads and you can target them with the help of any email sending service by creating beautiful newsletters and send out my newest blog posts automatically.

You can purchase a targeted list

Yes, you can get the email database for your targeted countries from email database providers for your business promotion.

Target Specific Result- You have to find the database which will give the emails based on your business and provide your targeted audience.
Verified Data- The emails Database would be genuine, which means the data will be not bogus or it should not be the case that the emails will not valid anymore or something like that.
In your Budget – The cost of the database will be reasonable.


You can go through the above source which has counties specific data and for any particular country, they have specific category-wise data with a reasonable price which we found out.

Free Email Database

When you’re looking to target individuals or businesses for your next sales, research, or marketing campaign, FreeEmailDatabase can help you start your promotion.

Our lists give you access to the information available for your target audience for your target countries.

Our Free Email Database is a powerful collection of email addresses that will help you with your marketing needs.

Our lists can be used in various ways such as generating the sales lead, building a business directory, market research, telemarketing, job seeking, business analysis, and other B2C and B2B purposes.

We have compiled these listings so you can easily connect with leads with no hassle.

Our database can be opened via Microsoft Excel / Text to help you search, sort, print, and export the information with ease and convenience.

It is proven that the companies or individuals who sent emails to their targeted leads have a higher return on income compared to those who don’t.

Why trouble yourself by manually searching for email lists from online directories?

We already compiled the database and separated it by country-wise for you! You can enjoy this free email database.

Feel free to browse around and check the databases all our free email database collection we are offering.