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Need consumer lists?

When you’re looking to target individuals or business for your next sales, research, or marketing campaign, FreeEmailDatabase can help you start your promotion with Free Email Database of Japan.

Our lists give you access to the information available for your target audience for your target countries.

Our Free Email Database is a powerful collection of the email address that will help you with your marketing needs.

The Free Email database is a list of email IDs from the Japan and across all Japan states.

Our lists can be used in various ways such as generating the sales lead, building a business directory, market research, telemarketing, job seeking, business analysis, and other B2C and B2B purposes.

We have compiled these listings so you can easily connect with leads in the Japan with no hassle.

Our database can be opened via Microsoft Excel / Text to help you search, sort, print and export the information with ease and convenience.

It is proven that the companies or individual who sent emails to their targeted leads have a higher return on income compared to those don’t.

Why trouble yourself by manually searching for email list from online directories?

We already compiled the database and separated it by country-wise for you! You can enjoy this free email database.

Feel free to browse around and check the databases all our free email database collection we are offering.

Our database and any other type of lists for any country that you will find in our extensive site are just a part of the complete database our partners are offering.


Number of Records

Our goal is to provide a quality database with full company contact information for our clients, but this database if only a small portion of the non-updated, non-verified version of complete database our partner have.


How to get complete database?

Imagine if you have access to millions of address from all around the globe with detailed contact information. The potential in acquiring clients and building partnerships is vast and boundless.

So if you want the premium updated verified email database with all the attributes (columns) and with many records (in Millions) at the affordable price, then you can visit our partner website ( for this.

Otherwise, this free email database will be enough to start your marketing.

You can download the database with the help of following download link.

Premium Database
A Large Number of Records
More Attribute & Data Columns
Verified Databases

Free Database
Limited Number of Records
Only Email Columns
Non-verified Database

We believe that you should find getting the list you need easy so that you can focus on the rest of your business.

We hope that you will be very satisfied and pleased with our work.


Free Email Databases

Free Email Databases

When you’re looking to target individuals or businesses for your next sales, research, or marketing campaign, can help you start your promotion.

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